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Elementar is an upcoming free to play 2D multiplayer game focused on supporting the power of excellent teamplay.




Fight 3vs3 battles as your nature’s force of choice, represented by one of many characters, each with unique abilities.

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General Game Description 2

Ability Fusion

Fuse your ability with any of your teammates abilities to create a more powerful spell.

The amount of fusion possibilities creates an abundance of strategies and thus incredible depth in teamplay. Unleash your teams full potential by fusing the right skill at the right time.

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General Game Description 3

All Heroes are free

To ensure a fair balance in every match, every player can choose from the same hero pool.
Dedicated fans can collect special skins for their characters.

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General Game Description 4

No Map is the same

All maps are generated by a seed – a combination of numbers and letters of your choice which create a unique map layout.

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