Shiny Crystals
18 Dec 2016

Shiny Crystals

Many MOBAS use gold  as a resource.

Many MOBAS use gold  as a resource. In Rise in Nature “Crystals”, as we call them now, work the same way and are the resource for learning new skills, talents and maybe more.

In every generated Map, several crystal fields can be found and harvested. Every tower has at least one or more connected crystal fields which let the tower gain more offensive and/or defensive power. It is possible to harvest the crystal fields of your own towers but with the price of a weakened defense of the affected tower for a specific period of time. The crystal fields are growing back after a while, therewith your tower won’t be weakened all the time.

There are crystal fields with no connection to any defensive structures. These are possible the most contested harvesting points in the early game. We think about giving the tower connected crystals a specific color and a color for the neutral fields to differentate them better.

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